Friday, 1 August 2008


Welcome to Daily Thoughts (DT) – this blog is the natural progression from an email service of the same name that has been released through my work at the North Staffs YMCA. To find out more about what DT is all about click here and to find out a little more about me click here.

This blog offers a place for extended thought based on whatever has been posted that day. As well as that, the DT from the YMCA is usually released five days a week – the hope is that this blog will go for all seven days a week.

Also whereas the YMCA DT is targeted primarily at people who are new to faith and hopefully beneficial to those who have a relationship with God, this DT will be more open to those who have a greater interest in the things of God and how that impacts life.

The prayer for this site is that the words will be acceptable in the sight of the Lord who is my strength and redeemer and will bring another godly perspective on life. Hopefully in the days to come you’ll find out a lot more about the motivations for DT and the desired impact on our lives. In the meantime all comments and thoughts are more than welcome (that doesn’t mean I have to take it on board, especially if it’s unhelpful, but send them in all the same!) and I hope you will be truly blessed in a closer walk with and growing knowledge of Jesus through this service.

For His Name's Sake
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